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How Can you buy Wholesale you ask?

you can simply email us with you order we will also Require your tax-exempt form filled out at

we will send you a custom invoice with your order and shipping if outside our local area

Or you can simply use our link below for out wholesale store on Mable below

If you already have a Mable Account,  please make 1st order directly to establish a existing Account with us to beable to enjoy the 100$ off on Mable will give us 0% Commission fees on your orders through mable


Mythical Inferno is now available for Wholesale Ordering on Mable!

Enjoy $100 off your first order and net 60 terms.

See Details Below

Benefits to  Mythical Inferno LLC

Mythical Inferno pay's a 0% commission on orders from your existing accounts of Mythical inferno LLC that use the link below

Mythical inferno LLC Introducing accounts to Mythical inferno's Mable catalog helps Mable grow. So Mythical inferno LLC won’t pay any fees when it comes to these buyers. Instead, Mable wave's the commission on all orders from buyers that Mythical Inferno LLC invited, forever.

Mythical Inferno LLC gets paid on time, and on Mythical inferno LLC terms
No more trying to track down accounts for payment.

Mable will pay Mythical Inferno LLC via our preferred payment terms, just like any other order we receive through Mable. And Mythica Inferno LLC buyers will get Net 60 terms.

They'll pay Mable, so Mable will handle collecting that.

Benefits to you the buyer:

A $100 credit for working with you

Buyers will receive a $100 first order discount, covered by Mable.

You can use this towards Mythical inferno LLC catalog, as long as they spend at least $150 on that order.

Easy ordering and reordering

Once you purchase from Mythical Inferno LLC catalog, Mythical Inferno LLC will be front and center on your dashboard. This will help you to faster reordering, and help you stay on top of stocking your shelves.

 Simply Click The Link Below to Start

You may also reach us Below


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