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Legendary Hot Sauce Bundle

Legendary Hot Sauce Bundle


Mild Heat leval 0.01~ Mythicaly Sweet and Spicy

Hot Heat Leval 6.5~ Mythical Inferno Original

Extreme Heat Leval 15~ Mythcal Beast


Introducing the Legendary Hot Sauce Bundle for the ultimate spicy experience!


This bundle includes three different levels of heat: Mild, Hot, and Extreme.


The "Mild" sauce is

Mythicaly Sweet and Spicy, perfect for those who want a little bit of heat with their flavor.


The "Hot" Sauce

Mythical Inferno Original red habanero, Heat Leval 6.5 delivering a fiery kick to any dish.


And for the bravest of spice lovers, The "Extreme Sauce

Mythical Beast Extreme Hot sauce boasts a blend of red habanero, Carolina reaper, and dragons breath peppers. Heat seekers that tast amazing at the same time,


step up your game with this legendary bundle

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