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The Sauce!


A New Hot Sauce that has Heat & Flavor!

Launching with the sauce that won first place in the NC State fair!

But that's only the beginning!

Three more mouth watering Hot Sauces will be made available to you and Not too long after Hot pepper powders and dry-rubs for when you want something 'Hot!' but not Saucy.

Spice up your Life With Heat And Flavor!

Make your Favorite Hot Wings,

spice up your chilly!

Mythical inferno ® Hot Sauces and Spices will be the perfect match for any food you love to spice up.

All my life I have loved hot and fiery foods, now I am turning my passion and love for it into something everyone can experience.  I literally built it from the ground up by tilling up my parents back yard and planting all the different hot peppers I need for my sauce. (With their blessing of course.)    Quality will always be a must and will always be maintained.

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