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Sweet & Spicy Mild & Extreme Duo

Sweet & Spicy Mild & Extreme Duo


Mythicaly Sweet and Spicy Sweet Chili Honey sauce (Child Mild Heat)

Transport your taste buds to the lush tropics of Southeast Asia

with our Sweet & Spicy Honey Sauce!

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant flavors of the region,

we've crafted a sauce that captures the essence of tropical paradise.

We started by blending the exotic sweetness of Pink Guava

with the natural goodness of honey, and then added a delightful mix of our favorite fruits.

To balance the sweetness and infuse it with a mild kick, we incorporated Korean Red Pepper.


The result?

A truly amazing Mild Sweet & Spicy Honey Sauce that's accessible to everyone! 

This sauce offers a perfect harmony of flavors, making it an ideal condiment for a wide range of dishes.

Whether you're drizzling it over grilled meats, using it as a dip, or adding a touch of Southeast Asian flair to your favorite recipes, this sauce is sure to delight your palate. It's an irresistible blend that can be enjoyed by all



Mythical Beast

Experience the World's Hottest Sweet & Spicy Asian Inspired Hot Sauce

– Elevated to the Extreme for Heat Enthusiasts! 


Tired of the same old Mango Habanero sauces?

We dared to be different!

Our secret?

A harmonious fusion of Pink Guava and a medley of our favorite fruits,

combined with the fiery kick of Korean Red Chili Pepper, Red Habanero,

Carolina Reaper, and Dragon's Breath peppers.

Plus, we've added a generous amount of honey to create a truly remarkable Hot Honey Sauce!

The result? A flavor explosion that's nothing short of amazing! 


Warning: This sauce is not for the faint-hearted. It's designed for those who crave intense heat and Flavor and crave more with every bite.

Are you ready for the thrill?

This sauce will keep you coming back for more, guaranteed!!

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